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C​orporate Team Building

We at Painted Pearls firmly believe that

“creativity is good for the soul!"

 In fact, science shows that creativity can also

 improve your work/life balance

CIO magazine reports, " The Surprising Key to Ramping Up Productivity: Creativity. Creativity boosts innovative thinking, creates a culture of experimentation, and connects employees to a mission" which will ultimately enhance productivity. 

Does your organization have a new concept or new changes that you need to communicate? Does your team suffer from some form of dysfunction and is not producing like the well oiled ship that it should? We can help put the "fun" into this dysfunction and help turn things around. Sometimes a team only needs to get out into a neutral atmosphere and participate in a relaxing group activity. With Lisa's 20+ years of corporate training and team building experience, we can design a program that will heal and or invigorate your team. Or perhaps you just want to reward your team for their hard work. We got you covered! We understand that your human resources holds the key to your organizations long term success. We offer affordable corporate rates that guarantee to return a great investment in your most important commodity- Your People.

Providing on-going creative team building for your organization is essential. We would love to help serve your team building needs. We invite you to bring in your staff members for a fun creativity bonding experience.

As always, we are proud & committed to diversity, helping you find and feature the essence of you, with hair color, skin tone etc. in creating your masterpiece.

Call us at (614 581 4866) to schedule a private team building session or to bring your work mates in and join us for an open party. Go to "Events Calendar" page for a list of open events. We can't wait to serve you and your team.

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